Youth Health and lifestyle

Estimated 1.2 million adolescents died in 2015, over 3000 every day, mostly from preventable or treatable causes (Non communicable and communicable diseases). Road traffic injuries were the leading cause of death in 2015 majorly because of drugs and substance abuse. Other major causes of adolescent deaths include lower respiratory infections, suicide, diarrhea diseases, and drowning. Globally, there are 44 births per 1000 girls aged 15 to 19 per year. Gender-based violence is rampant in Africa today and has caused a lot of injuries to the young people. Promoting healthy behaviors during adolescence are critical for the prevention of health problems in adulthood, and for countries’ future health and ability to develop and thrive
Illnesses can hinder their ability to grow and develop to their full potential. Alcohol or tobacco use, lack of physical activity, unprotected sex and/or exposure to violence can jeopardize not only their current health, but also their health as adults, and even the health of their future children.

 YIDPC 2023 focuses on youth health and lifestyle to provide a forum for researchers, healthcare professionals, academics, youth advocates, and policymakers to come together with young people to network, share experiences and showcase the latest findings, practices, and models of care in Adolescent Health and lifestyle. The convention allows for like-minded people to exchange ideas, make connections and inspire action, ensuring that young people are heard and that their health and well-being are seen as a priority.
Here are the big five health sessions which will help reduce death challenges among the youth in Africa; The place of the youth in sustainable health security in Africa, Prevention of Gender-Based Violence and Inequality among Adolescents in Africa, Youth Health and Sexual Reproductive Human Rights, Role of youth in advancing UHC in Africa, Role of youth in eliminating teenage pregnancies & marriages in Africa.
By introducing implementable health policies, youth initiatives stakeholders can ensure a safe and healthy environment propelling the innovative spirit of young people in Africa.

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