Public-Private Partnerships are Key

To focus on building a Sustainable Healthy Community for youths in Africa, governments must prioritize youth initiatives. The public sector has the legal mandate to provide stewardship, guidance, and coordination, to create an enabling healthy environment for the implementation of youth initiatives and strengthening activities that focus on youth development.
Nevertheless, there is a significant role to play for the private sector, as a multisectoral approach is imperative to improve the lives of the youth. Public-private dialogue can strengthen policy making and create a momentum for reform. Organizations in the private sector have the capacity for efficiency, and sustainability, which can be harnessed to meet important social objectives.
The robust and vibrant energy of African youth is yet to be fully harnessed in the region, and there is an urgent need to sustainably improve investments in the health and well-being of adolescents and youth in Africa to fully realize this potential. When the appropriate investments are made in health, education, and social development, the benefits of the demographic dividend will be realized

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