Partners & Sponsors

A variety of options to fit your company’s needs. We are proud to offer a variety of sponsorship options available at multiple price points (at both nonprofit and private sector rates). Depending on the sponsorship package, the benefits may include: exhibition space (located in a dedicated exhibition hall), digital and limited print advertising, attendee premiums, support for youth delegates, networking opportunities, sponsored lunch
sessions and side events within the convention center complex. The YIDP Convention sponsorship team is ready and willing to make your sponsorship experience as turn key, affordable and effective as possible (Value for Investment).
In addition to the traditional sponsorship packages, we have also expanded the digital conference sponsorship opportunities. The digital conference opportunities are designed to connect virtual participants around the world with key content and conversation generated during the YIDP Convention.

Get in touch to discuss a partnership option that works for you and your business objectives and get in front of the most influential companies today.

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